hello all

please have anyone a idea to realize a universal ea with every indicator combination with help of advisor tester:

now a lot of ea`s have indicator combinations with select true and false of different indicators but it is not possible to test all indicator combinations with expert advisor tester ....

now is it possible to generate a MT4 code to enable/disable added indicators (ea function code) like a number not true or false so we could be test the EA with all combinations of indicators for a EA....

simple example :

extern int Checkhma = 0 //0 = false so we can use EA-tester (beginn with 0, step=1, stop=1
extern int Checkqqe = 1 // 1 = true so we can use EA-tester (beginn with 0, step=1, stop=1

int CheckHMA3()
double HMA3_long_60 = iCustom(NULL,60, "HMA3",HMA_Period, 0,0); //buy
double HMA3_short_60 = iCustom(NULL,60, "HMA3",HMA_Period, 2,0); //sell

if(HMA3_long_60 <9999) return ( 1) ; //BUY
if(HMA3_short_60<9999) return ( -1) ; //SELL
int CheckQQE()
double QQE_RsiMa = iCustom(NULL, 0, "QQE", 0, SignalCandle);
double QQE_TrLevelSlow = iCustom(NULL, 0, "QQE", 1, SignalCandle);

if (QQE_RsiMa > QQE_TrLevelSlow) return ( 1) ; //BUY
if (QQE_RsiMa < QQE_TrLevelSlow) return ( -1) ; //SELL
bool BUY_hma3=false;
bool BUY_qqe =false;
if(Checkhma==1 && CheckHMA3()==1) BUY_hma3=true;
if(Checkqqe ==1 && CheckQQE() ==1) BUY_qqe =true;
does anyone know the next step of code to generate the right BUY signal for order send ??
or is my sample not possible ??

i hope everbody can understand was i mean here , i know my english is poor - sorry

thanks for all of help but i think it`s a very interest idea to test a lot of indicator combinations with ea-tester...