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    If an EA opens trade 2nd candle after parabolic changes trend - that is -
    the dots changing from top to bottom of candle and vice versa,it is possible to change it such that the EA open trade on first candle when parabolic changes trend ?

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    yes, can be. But the question is how do you know this bar change the parabolic trend if this bar not finished yet?

    iSAR( string symbol, int timeframe, double step, double maximum, int shift) , just change shift from 1 to 0.

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    It's the action of the bid hitting the SAR that causes the change in the location of the dots.

    Put simply, you need to make your entry conditions so that:

    if(Bid>SAR && openPositions(OP_BUY)==0) goLong();


    if(Bid<SAR && openPositions(OP_SELL)==0) goShort();

    You'd just need to define the different functions and introduce a SL management system, but you should be able to use that logic to reverse immediately a SAR has been hit.

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Parabolic question