Take Profit Increment - Help please
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Thread: Take Profit Increment - Help please

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    The EA will compile OK, but that alone doesn't mean that it won't produce errors. These lines are from the EA when it sends your buy orders:

             if (UseStopLoss) StopLossLevel = Ask - StopLoss * Point; else StopLossLevel = 0.0;
             if (UseTakeProfit) TakeProfitLevel = Ask + TakeProfit * Point; else TakeProfitLevel = 0.0;
             //Normalise your SL & TP in these lines and adjust for broker's minimum order distance before sending the order
             Ticket = OrderSend(Symbol(), OP_BUY, Lots, Ask, Slippage, StopLossLevel, TakeProfitLevel, "Buy(#" + MagicNumber + ")", MagicNumber, 0, DodgerBlue);
    Neither the stop-loss nor the take profit is being normalised before the order is being sent. The same applies to your sell orders. Similarly, you should check that the SL/TP values are not tighter than the minimum allowed by your broker and adjust them if this is the case.

    I can also see that the lot sizes are not being normalized either before the orders are being sent. This is something else that you should think about implementing in future even if it isn't the cause of your current problem.

    Please search some of the posts on the MQL4 forum which explain some of the common problems involved with sending orders.
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    I have checked all the broker side of things numerous times and have made sure all my presets are well away.
    I will look into what you have said and try to search them down, I did try to code the normalise side of things before which compiled ok but to the same result. I'll try again.

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    My TPI is working now, I am attaching an "EA" without any signal condition just for you take look at the TPI code.

    Copyrights: I got the code of this "EA" from here and the TPI I've found here: Manage Take Profit - Forex Factory *- but I've made some changes in the code.

    *I don't know if I can post a link from another forum, but if the admin doesn't allow it, please remove it.

    Happy trading!
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Take Profit Increment - Help please