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    Primary developer site. Many successful commercial projects are done here.
    Prices: - add a tweak or a feature - $20-30
    EA from scratch - $100 - $200
    This is E-bay of coder labor.
    Great feature of this site - you enter into contract with the coder, set time line and coder is paid only after the project is done and tested and you release $$ from escrow.
    RentAcoder substracts 15% commission from the coder side, you pay no commission. But if you like how the job is done, always add at least 15% tip. It's good way to keep the relation. Best policy, bargain first, reward on completion.
    Avoid dealing with programmers in Forums, avoid paying anything without contract, avoid paying in advance unless it's a donation and you don't expect anything in return. There is lots of scam and horror stories, deal only with ones you already know well. Still there is no guarantee.

    So best solution is to use RentACoder leagal interface, were all development is being recorded and properly conducted with 3d party mediation and you automatically retain copyrights and lawyer assistance that is built in the system.
    If you try to bring your programmer there and they object on the ground of 15% fee, offer them +15% on successful completion. If they are still relactant, then there is something wrong and better avoid such situations. You Find best coders for less.
    Last time I was there, there were Ukranian coders doing great job for very reasonable pay and I saw lots of happy reviews from the customers.
    Very fast, very professional work. Generally Russian speaking coders are better because there is more documentation in Russian then in any other languages. They communicate in English well enough.
    Because your risk is limited, you can try different coders
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Rent a coder for le$$