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    Default Coding Help

    Though this thread might help eliminate some extra work for Funyoo here.

    As many of us have a fair understanding how coding works instead of requesting Funyoo to always make different enhancements perhaps we could post a request here for the coding as a reference for everyone so if someone wants to add a magic number or a trailing stop then the coding for that sequence could be posted here either by Funyoo or other members and a simply copy and paste into the existing program would eliminate a bit of extra work for Funyoo.

    As an example to add a magic number to a program:
    Add this to the inputs section.
    extern int Magic = 75631;

    Now search for:

    You will find something like this:
    OrderSend(symbol, OP_BUY, lot, price, Slippage, Stoploss, Takeprfit, 0, Magic, 0, Blue);

    Where :

    OrderSend(Symbol{}, is the currency
    OP_BUY, is the order type
    lot, is the lot size
    Slippage is the slippage
    Stoploss, is the Stoploss
    TakeProfit is the takeprofit
    Magic, is the magicnumber
    Blue is the color of the dot for the order on the chart.

    Do not attempt to change other things here other than add the MAgicnumber as there are other things that have to be done to add a Stoploss etc,

    You will most likely find something like this.

    OrderSend(symbol, OP_BUY, lot, price, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, Blue);

    so you will only add the "Magic where the 0 is located

    Hope this helps here

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    Default Can you help me about EA?

    hi my dear forex traders
    can you help me about to complet code of my ea that i want send order by crosses 2 EMA (5 , 6) that when EMA 5 >EMA 6 open buy position and when EMA 6 > EMA 5 close buy position and open sell order and continu too.
    Thank you for all

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