First of all i hope i post this in the right section. Otherwise; i am sorry.

Now to my problem. I have an expert advisor that trades a breakout system of the daily chart.
To explain this expert in a easy way; It is suppose to put orders on previous days high and low (reccon the system? Yes it is a quite common breakout system i suppose).
Anyway i run this expert on two different computers and yesterday (sunday) i started my MT4-platform on both my computers and the expert seemd to run perfectly by that time (smiley in right upper corner). Didn't need to do anything at all.... just start the computers...
The strange thing is that on computer number 1 it did put orders accordingly to the system but on computer number 2 i didn't put any orders at all.

The expert has exactly the same setting on both computers.

This has happend before but i don't understand why. Has this happend for some one else? Or/and does anyone knows shy this happens?

Any answer is appreciated.

Regards / JoLi