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Thread: Funyoo, need help please. ADX crossing EA

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    Default Funyoo, need help please. ADX crossing EA

    Hi funyoo, (or anyone that can help).

    I love this EA, "ADX Cross EA" that you posted. I have tried to test it with the "Reverse System" set to True, but it does not take any trades. Can you please check this?? I will be greatly appreciative.

    I really like this Forum and thinking about subscribing to the Elite section once I can get the money together. I would really like to test this ADX Cross EA with the reverse system set to true........thanks again for all you do.

    I have been testing this EA on 1 hr timeframe.
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    Default MACD crossover ea

    HI Funyoo
    I am big fan of yours

    U fast reply to ll is what i was impressend and the indcataors attached by u are very good and the suggentions given

    Now i have problem with 1 ea which is based on Macd

    the problem is there is filter to avoid noise signals but eventhoug is false it ,
    I am unable to the take the reverese postion.

    for ex
    if buy come and then a sell comes it closes the current postition

    but what i nedd is it should close the postion and take a fresh sell postion too.

    So please help me in this regard .

    Thanks in advance.

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