Funyoo has had many "Add a...." posts that are incredibly helpful and i tried one of them
and had some success, but there is not one there that is for "add a Reverse System to an EA".
of course, i have an EA that i feel will work much better if it buys rather than sells
and sells rather than buys if i could select it to do so.
the EA is copyrighted and i am afraid to post its code but would love it if i could
get the above info i need to make it happen for me. so, if Funyoo or anyone with that information
could provide me with that i'd be ever so grateful and i cringe at even having to ask for
this from very busy-with-other-things people, but i have already seen the posts on page 5 (X2)
about this very topic, but they are too specific (replies were for a specific EA on that day).
thanks in advance----newboy.