Combination Arbitrage EA (FXGenius) + Indi - Programmer Needed
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Thread: Combination Arbitrage EA (FXGenius) + Indi - Programmer Needed

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    Default Combination Arbitrage EA (FXGenius) + Indi - Programmer Needed

    I need any programmer that can modify my ea.
    FYI, my ea ni upgrade from FXGenius made by Dominic but my ea is better and strong signal, very easy to load compare to FXGenius. It is can run at both ECN and Market Maker broker.

    The problem is as you know any arbitage ea is will failed if broker markup spread + filter the datafeed although your ea is accurate and power than others.

    To solve this problem, I though why not we combine this arbitrage ea with any indi. For example, if we use EMA then when EMA signal is BUY then ea will read signal at arbitage ea is BUY...SAME BUY for BOTH SIGNAL then ea will open BUY. It is same with SELL.

    I need to combine this artbitage ea with any indi to make the ea more accurate and strong signal and no need to floating long time.

    I suggest we combine it with either EMA or STOCH or any indi. If anyone of you can modify this ea I will provide you original source code this arbitrage ea. And from that you need to modify and put indi coding at SLAVE ea only.

    If you are programmer and interested to modify this ea please email me at
    Thank you.

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    I'm a programmer and if you wish I could help you.
    Note: I purchased the software from Dominic and it worked, but with a scam bromer. if I use regulated brokers it does not work. Moreover, he charges USD100 every time you want to change the account numbers (He is the only one making money!)
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    Hi Jtoscano I just wana ask what version do You use in Dominic EA ? and what broker you recommend for live account? thnx in advance = )

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Combination Arbitrage EA (FXGenius) + Indi - Programmer Needed