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Thread: (REQ) SMA Future

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    Im not a coder but was really hoping some one might be able to help with the indicator. I have not been able to find any SMA or MA that will do what i want, or know if it can be done.

    It needs to use a shift period of -11, and then extended back out by 11 days with the settings below.
    Primary SMA
    Period 20
    Shift -11
    MA Method Simple
    Apply to Open

    11 Day Extension
    Settings to use to extend it to current date
    Period 15
    Shift 0
    MA Method Simple
    Apply to Open

    I really really would appreciate if this could be done, and would be very versatile to many of the elite members. I'm not a coder, but i am using the EA Generator, and am hoping to use this in it.

    The above will never work, cause it will only cross like any other 15 MA. But i would love to keep a open mind, from the above "Primary MA" above if that line could be replicated by some factor to being close to it, without the push, that would be perfect Time itself would have to be the weight
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