I have been searching on the Internet for a very simple thing, something many traders have asked for, but haven't got the solution from a coder willing to make the indi- it is a moving avarage which gives a sound alert (perhaps alongisde with an email alert) whenever the price touches/crosses (eihter to the upside od downside) the MA of a selected period. How hard could that be, I know nothing about programming yet think coding such an indicator would take minutes. I have seen traders telling to use a MA crossover indicator with the fast MA set at 1 and slow MA set at the desired period, but such a solution lacks the long period MA being plotted onto the screen.

I would be highly grateful to a willing coder to make such a simple indicator- an MA with an alert triggered whenever the price touches/crosses the MA line. I am sure that many other traders would also be grateful as I have seen numerous requests for such an indicator.

The reason I am searching for such an indicator is cause I use a simple trading method which encorporates MAs, namely, I use two SMA(24), one applied to high and one to low of the candles. The two MAs form a channel, which I trade at breakouts. Amazingly profitable, and simple too. All you need to do is stay on the right side of the market.

If anyone is interested I am willing to share my insights into this simple and profitable method, please feel free to ask.

Kind regards,