Anyone can help me to make special 2 EA as below:
a) Special mirror pair trade.
b) Special Close All When Profit

The rule Mirror Pair EA as follows:

1. Mirror Trade : True / False
- Open Pair : EURUSD (can adjust/change pair)
- Mirror Pair : GBPUSD,AUDUSD,NZDUSD (can adjust/change pair).

2. Hedging Pair Trade : True / False
- Hedging Pair : GBPJY,EURJPY,USDJPY (can adjust/change pair).

- This special ea will use to combine with our trade either by using manual open trade or use any ea.

- This combination for example we manually open buy (or by any ea), after that this special ea will automatically TAKE COVER to open mirror pair to trade including multi pair hedging (we can choose to use both technic mirror + hedging pair).

- Example, we want trade EURUSD...then we must put EURUSD at OPEN PAIR mode. After EURUSD is opened then ea will open Mirror Post and Hedging Pair as preset.

- No need to put ea at chart GBPUSD,AUDUSD,NZDUSD but only put ea at EURUSD only.

- Make sure automagic number is have for both 4/5/6 decimal currencies.

The rule for CloseAll EA:

1. Close All Now : True / False
2. Close Profit Post Only Now: True / False
3. Close Loss Only Now: True / False
4. Close When Profit Multi Post: True / False (if want random close from all opened post)
5. Close When Profit Multi Post: 3 post (changeable)
6. Close When Profit Multi Pair: EURUSD,GBPUSD,AUDUSD,NZDUSD (combine this all pair profit - loss = PROFIT),
7. Compounding Post: EURUSD
8. Target Profit $ : 5.00 (dollar for combination total profit post-loss post = PROFIT)
9. Target Pip: 10.00 (pips)
10.CloseAllStopLoss: 70.00 (pips for combination total floating post)
11.Profit Compounding: True / False

- Make sure automagic number is have for both 4/5/6 decimal currencies.
- Target Profit compounding will based on/follow increasing lot value at COMPOUNDING POST as preset.
- CloseAllStopLoss is ea will close all floating post (including profit post) if the total -ve trade is achieve
stoploss target as preset.

Thank you.