EA not working on ECN !
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Thread: EA not working on ECN !

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    Default EA not working on ECN !

    Hi, I have this EA which I got from Index of /mt_yahoo/ex4 called HedgeMadnessBUY.
    It seems to do well in backtesting but does not place any trades(which it does in a later backtest) in forward test. I have attached the decompiled mq4.

    I don't do programming(yet ). Could someone please tell me how to make this work on ecn.

    I would be greatful for any assistance rendered.
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    when you talk about forward testing - do you mean attaching the EA on a chart ?
    And if so, have you activated the execution of Expert Advisors ?

    Regards, Klaus
    Software and Consulting for MetaTrader4 - MQLware - www.mqlware.com

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EA not working on ECN !