Triple ZigZag EA profit basket bug
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Thread: Triple ZigZag EA profit basket bug

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    Default Triple ZigZag EA profit basket bug


    Would you so kind to help me to find a bug? I am not a programmer so I need some help.
    I tested with good results funnyo's Triple ZigZag EA and now I would like to be enable the "BasketProfitLoss" function. Unfortunately, the EA's has written two error's. Here you can find it. The error's note: "CloseBuyOrders - function is not defined" and "CloseSellOrders - function is not defined". Would you check it, please?

    Thank you for your helping in advance!!!


    //|---------basket profit loss

    double CurrentProfit=0,CurrentBasket=0;
    if(CurrentBasket>maxEquity)maxEquity=CurrentBasket ;
    if(CurrentBasket<minEquity)minEquity=CurrentBasket ;
    if(CurrentBasket>=BasketProfit||CurrentBasket<=(Ba sketLoss*(-1)))

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    Tom, where in your EA did you define the two functions
    CloseBuyOrders() and CloseSellOrders() ?
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Triple ZigZag EA profit basket bug