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Thread: Adding D'Alembert to an EA

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    Default Adding D'Alembert to an EA

    I would be interested to know how we could create a function with the "D'Alembert" money management for example, or another unusual money management system : Dual Win (Binary), Incremental Recovery, "SuperSafe" MM, "Extreme" MM.

    Here is a code (attached) developed by Derk and shared on TSD. It is a very impressive expert advisor, but the functions are very complicated. It uses mqh files and libraries.

    Maybe someone has an idea about how we could program simple functions based on these systems ?
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    Hi Funyoo, this is a very interesting thead...Unique concepts of money management. I have read and modified a much safer form of Binary Equation MM by Mike Valleon which I use manually for independent trades...

    What are Incremental Recovery, "SuperSafe" MM, "Extreme" MM ?... Could you briefly explain or give websites about them. Thanks.

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    I was looking at the D'Alembert logic, it comes off as a unnecessarily complicated way of calculating a Martingale, isn't it?

    It adds 'baselots' to the next trade if the last was a loser and deducts if the last was a winner. And it stops looking at the orderhistory when the cumulative profit of the sequence is more than X pips, and reverts to the set baselots.

    I dunno, I can't see the benefit over a simple Martingale that always defaults back to the original baselots for every new trade.

    Haven't seen the other MM logics though, Binary and Incremental Recovery sound interesting.

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    Anyone into excel programming? Binary MM
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    Wth, this is a super old thread. It did hit me as strange that Funyoo would consider the functions complicated at all. And Scalpmaster, the "Binary" MM you are advocating does not make any sense. Each event is mutually exclusive.

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