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Thread: Free coding for your trading system..

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    Hello theforexgeek
    I want an MT4 indicator that will give position of a planet in function of time.

    For this purpose i have to use "swedll32.dll" (ephemeris)

    But i dont know how to use this .dll in mql4 program
    Can you give some suggestions ?

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    Hi ForexGeek.
    I need your help with Basket Hedge MT4 Script I can add to my simple ADX Trader.

    I enter trades when ADX is above Level 20,
    at crossings of
    DI- above I Sells &
    Di+ above I Buys.

    The trend is optionally confirmed by:
    1- the crossing of two moving averages
    2- Parabolic SARs above for sells or below for buys.

    Now when I have entered 6 buy trades and only 2 have reached take profit and the the market turns to sell, I want to enter a COUNTER ORDER of (4+x)lots in opposite :x is a variable extra no of lots: and then continue selling normal and taking profits on the sell orders EXCEPT this COUNTER ORDER.

    This counter order only comes out when:
    1- a new buy signal comes or
    2- when ADX goes below the level or
    3- when when it goes in negative by a number of pip in negative instead.
    4- when it breaks even after first going in positive to the COUNTER ORDER break even positive price and then comes back.

    Once this COUNTER ORDER (the sell of (4+x)lots) comes out, there are no ABANDONED sells then we start buying.
    BUT in case there 2lots of ABANDONED sells: The same procedure of COUNTER ORDERS of (2+x)lots repeats

    So at anyone point we have either buy orders with or without a sell COUNTER ORDER || or || buy orders with a buy COUNTER ORDER.

    The COUNTER ORDER could also be optionally confirmed by:
    1- when the moving average crosses to establish a new trend,
    2- when parabolic SARs change position

    Man, am newbie to Forex and especially automation and this automation would be a great help.

    Thanks forexGeek.

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    Hi ForexGeek.
    I need your help with Basket Hedge MT4 Script to hedge abandoned trades when trend changes.

    Thanks FXGeek

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    Hi guys.I use a grid strategy from over an year,that has is quite succesfull.At 80% an Ea does the work,the other part i do it manually,but is quite difficult to follow.I would like for some help for this part that i do manually.
    Free coding for your trading system..-intoccabili-fase-1-pngFree coding for your trading system..-intoccabili-fase-2-png

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    Quote Originally Posted by theforexgeek View Post
    I will code your forex trading strategy into a MT4/MT5 EA free of charge. Reply to the thread with the system and I will code it and post it up or send you a download link if you prefer.
    Would you kind enough to add a popup message alert on my indicator. I will be very grate full.
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