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    Sorry all, am new to this.

    What is a .set file and how do you open it. Where does it go; does it go in the library? Does it operate like a setup file?

    Tried to do a search but I need four characters and .set only has three. I apologize for such a basic question.

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    Set files need to be saved in the experts/presets folder

    Then when you run the strategy tester to test an EA you need to click on load and select the presets folder and there the .set file will be.

    Once you load the .set file your EA will use its settings. Hope this helps


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    It does help, could not find a reference in the forum and have not tried to do my own programming. How do you create/open the .set file?

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    All I,m familiar is with the strategy tester, if you want to save the setting of the EA you testing then just click on save and it saves as a .set file.

    I would have a clue how to create it other then this.

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