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Thread: MetaTrader 4 programming guide

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    hello All

    can i help me change the code after to trade gold:

    int init()

    //|---------x digits broker

    double GetPoints()
    if(Digits==3 || Digits==5)point=Point*10;
    else point=Point;

    This code only run 4 digit Eu , GU..not run UJ..anh gold

    Thanks alot

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    pls can any one help in giving me a script that can open more that one trade at a time with its parameters for scalping cos am good at scalping but requote wont let me make more profit. lets say to open a 5 position with tp, sl, lot size and all that like an EA.
    thanx guys

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    Thank you for this manual i've searched since several day's. Great work !!

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    he system I use is rather basic, I will post some charts, I use 3 SMA lines, set up as a 30 SMA 50, and 100, and those help me determine the if we are trending or not, let show you with a couple of charts one showing a trend and one that is not trending. What I look for is for ALL of the MA lines to be parallel and pointing in the same direction. If the lines are crossing and all over the place then the pair is not trending on that time frame. Notice how lines are nice and parallel and all pointine in the same direction...

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    Can someone create an indicator that calculates the average pips from open to high and close to low on every individual candle for user defined number of candles. Plus set it up for a 5 digit broker and also calculate average stoploss of each candle based on user defined number of candles. I hope I explained that in an understandable way. I am interested in trading on daily charts and above based only on a 2 candle pivot point signaling a reverse in direction. I want to enter a trade at the open of the first candle after the pivot and close the trade at either a take profit or the close of the candle.

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    Default I teach how to programming

    Hi! I teach how to programming! Who want to learn?

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    Yes I would like to learn to program

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    Default Doda-EMA EA

    Anyone help me to compile this expert advisor in MQL4: Doda-Ema EA, i try but some errors....


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