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    Default MagicNum problem

    Hi Mr Funyoo,
    I m a zero in Coding too. I learn doing EA using EA Builder website. I find some MagicNum problem(seems like), which they not really works...

    Story is, i done 2 EAs (SimpleSample attached) with diffrent MagicNumber
    1.Buy when price above 60SMA
    2/Sell when price above 60SMA too ... Pls try in UsdJPY 1H at this moment.

    It mean, when u attach these 2 EAs in 2 diffrent UsdJpy chart , should be immediately BUY_EA execute a Long,
    while Sell_EA execute another Short. But fact is, they dont. When long executed, sell did not, and vise-versa.
    In this case, i tested that MagicNum is useless...?

    I afraid that EA Builder's code is not complete. So can Funyoo pls try run on this 2 sample and see whats' wrong? And pls addon code to solve this, I will save it as Template for future use. Ur kindness is Highly appreciated.

    Thanks and sorry for my bad English
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MagicNum problem