Hello, I have an idea for a set-up which can help with the setting of SL & TP to open trades quickly.
It involves both an EA which is placed on the chart and 2 hotkey enabled scripts.
The EA is dragged onto the chart, where the TP and SL are pre-defined in Pips. It just sits there waiting for a trade with no SL or Tp to be opened. Once a trade is opened with no Tp or SL it immediately adjusts the SL & TP to its Settings. If a trade is opened with any one of these parameters it leaves it alone.
The Hotkey enabled Scripts are just there to open trades quickly with no SL or TP. One script for Buy (say Ctrl B) and one for sell (say Ctrl S)
If you want to open another trade then click on the smiley face, set TP & SL in pips. Press enter. You are now set to open the trade.
Simply Hold Ctrl and select either B (for buy) or S (for sell) and the trade is executed. SL & TP are then immediately adjusted.
I have the Idea, just don't know how to do it.
Can anybody help ?
Thanx in advance