Hello Everybody,

I don't know if this is the right section for this thread.

I need a tool that provides better functions in MT4 trading pad (the "Order" window that you use to open positions/ enter orders) for manual.
For instance, I'd like to open position with fixed TP SL TS with one click. I know that some trading platforms allow you to do that.

Let's say that, in high volatility market conditions, I need to open a buy position with SL10 TP15 and TS5. After some seconds, I see a reversal and I want to open a sell position with the same SL TP TS. Using MT4 normal trading pad, I'd loose precious seconds trying to set the values.

Maybe a few scripts could work fine, but so far the only scripts I've foud need to be run everytime that I enter a trade... Still not quick enough.

Please help