I use a chart template I created to keep track of previous 4 hour highs and lows as well as 1 hour highs and lows. I also have lines that represent 4 hour and 1 hour pivot points.

I created an excel spreadsheet that does all the calculating I need but once the data is calculated I need to manually change the values in each of the eight charts I am working with. I need to change this data every hour and it is way too time consuming and tedious. It only takes a few minutes to input everything into my spread sheet.

I need to automate this procedure since it takes way too long to do it manually. Is there any script or anything out there that will take the data from my spreadsheet and enter the values into the lines in my charts?

Also, if possible, I would like previous candle high and lows to also be imported into my excel spreadsheet if possible as well.