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    Daily Outlook for Tuesday, 24. September 2013: yesterday the euro was trendless, with a weak downward trend can not be dismissed out of hand. The intermediate lows of Thursday and Friday were not reached, but the flag-shaped trading range held. Currently, the euro is back to the intermediate lows from Thursday and Friday. The very short term chart image is to be considered within the neutral range, the parent remains bullish.

    Rate as $ 1.3502

    Trend: upward/sideways

    Intraday Resistances: 1.3495 / 1.3510 + 1.3528 + 1.3569 + 1.3640 + 1.3711
    Intraday Supports: 1.3470 + 1.3452 + 1.3386 / 1.3382 +1.3310 / 1.3325

    The bullish flag of the last days should ideally be resolved at the top and EUR/USD should start a new boost. If the currency pair climbs over $ 1.3530, the high should be attacked at $ 1.3569 again. If it manages a sustained break above $ 1.3569, a high for the year continued rally to $ 1.3711 could be initiated. From there it could start a multi-day correction again.

    Further pullbacks to $ 1.3470 or the old August high of $ 1.3452 or even slightly below would be harmless. Only below $ 1.3440 a deep pullback to $ 1.3382 must be scheduled.

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    i think the pair will make an upward movement in the next week..............

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    Daily Outlook for Tuesday, 08. October 2013 : The consolidation of the euro continued yesterday. New trading signals are so far non-existent. But soon it will be a new trend move.

    Rate as $ 1.3566

    Trend: Sideways

    Intraday Resistances: 1.3588 + 1.3650 + 1.3711

    Intraday Supports: 1.3542 + 1.3537 +1.3505 + 1.3452

    Review : Yesterday, there was little movement in the euro. The value oscillates between major chart brands. An escape attempt on the upper as well as one on the bottom was unsuccessful. In the short term therefore dominates a trading range, the price action in the medium term, the upward trend of the currency pair is intact.

    Technical Outlook : On the chart technically relevant brands has therefore changed little. The EMA200 on an hourly basis, yesterday once again demonstrated its supportive effect in evidence and today should also be kept in view. If EUR/USD will fall below the lows around $ 1.3540, losses could face up to $ 1.3500. A recapture of the brand of $ 1.3588 on an hourly closing basis would in turn be seen as positive and paving the way for a continuation of the uptrend could make to $ 1.3646 and also in connection to the first year high to $ 1.3711. The situation comes to a head, therefore, why is shortly to be expected with new trading signals.

    Here you can find a free daily estimation and analysis from time to time:


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    Daily Outlook for Monday, 14. October 2013 : The euro was very volatile on Friday, but the underlying trend is still upwards.

    Rate as $ 1.3561

    Trend: sideways / up

    Intraday Resistances: 1.3582 + 1.3607 + 1.3646

    Intraday Supports: 1.3548 + 1.3510 + 1.3484 + 1.3460 / 1.3450

    Flashback: EUR/USD on Friday actually managed to jump out of the triangle toward the mark of $ 1.3600, but did not reach it. Rather, it came in the meantime to a strong nightcap south. On an hourly basis, however, held the upper triangle boundary as new support. Currently, there is a further upward thrust. The double bottom in the short-term window and the uptrend on the daily chart are still intact.

    Technical Outlook: A base is created for the bulls. A rise above Friday's high of $ 1.3582 would create space to resistance at $ 1.3607. A break above $ 1.3607 should bring us to $ 1.3646. About this brand again there are no significant resistances in the direction of the yearly highs at $ 1.3711. As good support has recently proved the mark of $ 1.3548 . Only including the bottom of education would be compromised and it could again lead to charges in the price zone around $ 1.3510. A sell signal would arise below $ 1.3484 with targets to $ 1.3460 and $ 1.3450.

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