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Thread: Masterforex-V Signals and Analysis

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    A FZR down of h8 Wave Level happened today (inside the mid-term flat) - This FZR can trigger a FZR down of higher TF (d1)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleFX View Post
    A FZR down of h8 Wave Level happened today (inside the mid-term flat) - This FZR can trigger a FZR down of higher TF (d1)

    As mentioned before - a FZR down of lower TF (can)has triggered a FZR down of higher TF. Which means, that we have a Domino Effect down.

    At the moment Eur/Usd has trend down of d1 TF. This trend down will proceed until:
    a) an MF-protective-pivot will be created and than broken.
    b) Or until a new FZR up happens.

    p.s.: I will keep you informed

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    Gbp/Usd made an impulse down of D1 Wave Level, which stopped the trend up. But to turn it around a FZR down of higher Wave Level is needed.
    During next couple of weeks Gbp/Usd will come back in to his "moment of true" and will show us "what it want's to do".

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    Why do juniors make so many mistakes?

    Certainly, the first thing that comes to mind when answering this question - it's inexperience. Yes, inexperience largely bothers us, but this is a surmountable obstacle, which can be fast enough to pass. The biggest problem of people is their character, their inner state, their reaction to the situation and their beliefs.

    When people believe that they are right and no one else, then there is a conflict, and they can not move forward, you need to be able to make their opinions wrong. It is impossible to live life as if one was born with the wisdom of 60-year-old person; everyone has the right to make mistakes.

    But the more you listen to others, and more experienced, the easier it will be for you to pass some difficult periods of life. When a person is born, one does not know anything, but looks at the other and repeats, that's the environment where one will live, and such a person one will become plus ones genes that will help or hurt one in a certain situation. Similarly is in the Forex market, when traders just starting out, they try to learn all, that experienced players know, but someone has to become a better student, and some because of their personal characteristics sharpens in one place.

    The reason is that people do not want to accept situation as it is and consider just their beliefs as true and opinions of others do not even want to consider. And then one begins to sell a lot, but the greater number of transactions are concluded by a trader, the greater the amount of time he spends and receives more stress and its capital is not getting bigger. Everybody knows that the majority of traders lose money, and most traders also carry a large number of transactions, which means that simply spending less trading can enhance your performance in the long term ", - explained in an interview to the "Market Leader" Eugene Antipenko, the Dean of the National State Standard and term trading Masterforex-V World Academy Forex Education - MasterForex-V - the best project in Europe.

    Of course, you can not pay attention to such advices and pass them by ears and hope that after a 1000 transaction your life will change. Maybe a miracle will happen and you will become a millionaire, but not from the fact that you will trade many times. When trading less, you can afford to risk a far greater amount if you feel comfortable in relation to a particular risk.

    Best regards,

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    Masterforex-V Training News: How to estimate the effectiveness of training of junior traders
    Evaluation of the trade’s results of a particular trader is a simple process: you need to look at the outcome for some same periods and determine how increases (or conversely, decreases) his trading accounts.
    For comparison of several traders’ work, this approach is inefficient; we already have to take into account the working tool by which trade is conducted, the working timeframe, market activity, trading account size and many other factors.
    What can we say about the evaluation of trade beginners, here variations of the initial conditions and results for the period are huge, and we need to evaluate not the numbers on the trading account, but actions in transactions before and after training.
    When teaching beginners at the Department of synergistic body-wave analysis of the Masterforex-V World Academy are solve two main tasks of the first level of training:
    - To master the methodology of analysis of the currency pair Euro dollar on TS SOVA;
    - To work out practical skills of making trading decisions in accordance with the rules of trade TS SOVA.
    When learning objectives are specified, it becomes easier to assess its results.
    Graphical method for analysis of price movement makes it easy to determine whether the student meets the requirements of figure trading system, and the transaction for the period plotted price movement with reflection levels and stop profit and size of trading positions, clearly show its compliance with trade rules.
    A practical example of the department:
    Graphical analysis of TF M15

    Conducted transaction:

    n one survey conducted by the department, students in total answered to the question what the main trader must learn: the main thing - to learn to make the right trading decisions in accordance with the rules of the TS. The responses reflected awareness of the importance of personal qualities of trader to trade on the difficult Forex market.
    Of course, in order to become a successful trader, the first level of training is not enough, but every freshman has the opportunity to assess their chances of success, gradually climbing the stairs skill, from simple to complex. A further growth as a trader requires considerable effort, perseverance and constant work on oneself; such problems are solved on the second level of training of SOVA department.
    More information about the SOVA department can be found on the Forum of Masterforex-V World Academy.

    Best regards,

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    Weekly Gbp/Usd Review:

    1. MF Pivot that is Protecting wave/trend from 1.4810
    2. Broken MF protective pivot - means the whole wave from 1.4810 is now finished
    3. To turn arround the trend - FZR w1 down is needed

    Best regards,

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    Masterforex-V Training News: Why experienced traders choose licensed brokers?
    It would seem that now is an advanced civilization. All own mobile phones and computers, which a century ago seemed an oddity. And in this lovely civilized world does not seem to have changed one thing, people do not cease to be beasts in business all the human qualities go by the wayside. When money rules the world, peace and tranquility on the ground are not real.

    Sorry, but in every area of our human activity is a struggle and everyone chooses different path, one of the honest and who is not quite. Sovereignty can say one thing, will not make money in an honest way, but earning money honestly and gradually you can actually win.

    In order to understand that you have won or lost in life you just need to reflect on the fact how much you are happy to live and how you approach your goal.

    At such times, it is actually too much goes by the wayside and it turns out that all that was needed and that all you want is almost reached. In order not to lose their money on the Forex market, you need to be very careful about those who work with you. Choosing a broker is extremely important, because hitting a bad broker can lose faith in the Forex market, and it is the only trading platform has the highest circulation of capital in the night (several trillion dollars) and innovative technologies.

    The more money, the more opportunities, it is known to all, because if you compare the two cities in which the above and below the standard of living, then you can say for sure that the chance to get a high-paying job is much higher than in the second case, where the standard of living is low. That's right, and Forex, it means there is money to make money.
    However, as in any other sphere of human activity in order to be successful in the Forex, you need to have some knowledge and skills to successfully implement this knowledge in practice. The second least important factor for the success of a trader - choice of a reliable broker company that provides services on access to the Forex market.

    How not to fall into the hands of unscrupulous "kitchen"?

    Until now, there is a risk of losing profit or untapped deposit. How to distinguish a bad broker licensed from serious international companies. We can say that such by-night companies aim to drain deposits from customers. Therefore, all that they will not do all lead to one thing - the loss of funds.

    Material is provided by a Department of education of the Masterforex-V World Academy

    Best regards,

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    Masterforex-V Training News: To get 100% profit for 8 days, it is real

    I want to tell you about the newest methods of trading that allow achieving impressive results via the course presented by the Masterforex -V Training Academy.
    We will consider a company with you that manufactures solar cells JA Solars Holdings. On the 20th of May the company released quarterly profit. The company has reported better than analysts' expectations, showing a loss slightly below their forecasts, as well as sales volume was better than their expectations. Along with this, was released novelty about picked up charges for China than it doubtfully causes additional growth of the industry. You must understand, the company that brings only losses soars in price for 2 days by more than 100% on the news that does not fundamentally change its financial position for the foreseeable future. This means that at least, we expect a correction in prices.
    We have two choices: sell the company's shares, or create an optional design aiming to reduce prices. You should understand that there are such things as "short squeeze" when shortists begin to fix their positions, and the share price flies even higher, and growth is not restricted by anything, and therefore this tactic sale of shares is extremely risky. This is fundamentally different design options, where the maximum risk is limited and you can not lose more than you had planned. Another advantage are the minimum requirements for capital that would make 100% on capital, you need to have from $ 100 to $ 200.
    The basic principle of my trade is a unique synthesis of technical and fundamental analysis; this approach in trading is no exception here also would take place this synthesis. This is just one of many strategies that will be presented in the section "Masterforex-V Training", about the rest of them I will write and tell more.

    The detailed information regarding this issue could be found on the site of the Masterforex-V World Academy

    Best regards,

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    Masterforex-V Training News: Basic principles of profitable trading

    Profitable trading
    In Masterforex-V World Academy in 2010, was opened the educational departments for traders. Since that time, it proved to be a stable trading system with clear and simple rules, which allows for efficient trade.
    Academy students who have been trained at the Educational Department, provided a powerful tool to profit as the stock markets, working with futures contracts for raw materials and metals, as well as the Forex market, thanks to clearly defined and detailed formalized trading system.

    Basic principles to ensure high performance trading:
    Work is carried out exclusively in the direction of the trend. The basic principle, which makes long-term failure to trade successfully in the market impossible. Transactions according to the rules of the trading system open only to the parties to form a trend, or in the direction of the expected reversal of the trend, after a number of set criteria.
    Hard limit losses and maximize profits. Mandatory installation of stop-loss on clearly defined level, visible to all, without exception, students in the educational department, allows you to limit the risks and minimize losses. Clear rules exit from the transaction, "give your profits run" make the trading educational system highly profitable.
    The opening of trade transactions only on the rollback of the price movement. In vehicles are not allowed on the breakdown of the deal significant support and resistance levels, visible most market participants. In the Masterforex-V World Academy Professional Forex Training and Courses, it is assumed early production orders to enter the market and the transfer position to breakeven when the key levels, near which many market participants are just going to open the transaction.
    Due to the above basic principles of a significant number of graduates of the department have become a successful trader, having achieved considerable success in the real operating accounts.

    If you have some questions, I will be glad to help you
    Best regards,

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    Masterforex-V Training News: Getting right information – success of a trader

    Every trader trading on the forex market should handle very large amount of information, it is necessary to get the correct data and hold right deal at the right time. Sometimes knowing the facts makes it impossible to do everything at the time, and still a good trader should be able to handle the information in the right way.

    How information is different for traders and ordinary people, how does it differ and that every trader should know?
    Under the data needed for a stable and profitable work at Forex market there are quotations, the best asset for the selected means of technical and fundamental analysis, the analytical data on the current situation in the market and expected in the short and long term trends, the prevalence of the "bulls" and "bears", etc.
    Every serious broker offers his traders the analytics beyond simple information that is ready to analyze what is happening to the desired item. However, many brokers for beginners a reliable quality broker offers his own training and more projects built on the basis of universal methods of financial gurus of the market, and on the strategies of the day.
    Each company has its own significant experienced traders who have ceased to trade themselves and engaged in teaching beginners to the same work in the forex market can be continuously, even if you are tired of trading, you can invest, mentioned the experts of the Masterforex-V World Academy Professional Forex Training and Courses. As many specialists are interested in the broker prospered they gladly passed to customers who can thus learn the specifics of Forex fast enough and from the first transaction and start earning profits.
    Of course, there not so many of such brokers, and one of them broker PROFIT GROUP. This company offers a lot of learning materials on the market Forex. But unlike most other companies offering training programs in the framework of employment in the office or through webinars, this broker is not limited. Now, the company began to use social networks to help all who wish to quickly and effectively learn how to make really big money. The study to earn on the Forex market is very hard.

    Best regards,

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