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Thread: Masterforex-V Signals and Analysis

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    Eur/Usd Weekly analysis:

    At the moment Eur/Usd impulse down is still developing. It reached a Weekly Wave Level allready.
    MF Pivot 1.3159 is protecting the impulse down. As long as it is not broken - this impulse down will proceed.

    - For this impulse to stop - price needs to break trough MF protective pivot or MF Trend Line

    - For Trend to turn around back up - a FZR up of h4 wave level is needed

    GBP/Usd Long Term situation:

    Gbp/Usd Mid-term situation:

    The impulse down is still developing. At the moment it reached "weekly" Wave Level already.
    For this impulse to stop - a FZR up of h4 wave level is needed

    Best regards,

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    Update on Eur/Usd situation:

    A new protective MF pivot was created (1.2993). Eur/Usd trend down will proceed as long as this pivot is not "broken"

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    Some nice Intraday trading results based on Masterforex-V TA

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleFX View Post
    Update on Eur/Usd situation:

    A new protective MF pivot was created (1.2993). Eur/Usd trend down will proceed as long as this pivot is not "broken"
    Today's intraday work based on MF TA strategic plan for Euro.

    Best regards,

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    Update on todays daytrading:

    Half of position is closed on first intraday target. Other half is now at "break-even"

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleFX View Post
    Today's intraday work based on MF TA strategic plan for Euro.
    Another fraction of sell order is closed with +11 RM (i.e. Risk Management ratio - 1:11)
    Small part of sell order will stay to reach middle-term targets

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    As long as MF protective pivot is not broken the wave down (i.e. Trend down) will proceed.
    IF (or When) MF protective pivot will be broken - a new cycle will start, and we will have to go from there (with new Reference points).

    Best regards,

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    Last fraction of short-term position is closed 170 pp profit

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    Masterforex-V Training News: How to Trade Forex without initial deposit?

    Many traders do not want to start work on Forex for some reasons: because afraid of losing money, because they have no experience and do not have certain skills. Someone better understand how to trade, and someone even slowly delves into the essence of the matter, but at the same time, through the result of the work of both, the options can be quite different. Remember that you should not worry about the fact you need to spend a lot of time, it is perfectly normal when something goes wrong firstly.
    Do not be discouraged and give up something that can bring you a lot of fun - for a better life you have to fight. And do not be afraid that something does not happen. If nothing is done, it is natural that did not turn out. Do not be afraid of the Forex market, as it can make a lot of positive things in your life. In any case, you can find a positive and even pleasant moments, as, if it did not scare you, as if you were not afraid of losing your money, you can still get over fears and start your career. With each passing day, the Forex market develops and increases the number of customers, many new traders dream to become real, experienced players, brokerage companies are trying to expand their opportunities by attracting more traders to offer a variety of incentive programs for their clients.

    Traders, in their turn, without thinking, start to use different bonus programs and gradually gain experience of work on Forex. In general, Forex help everyhone to grow, and it would not have existed Forex, if there would be so many traders and brokers. In order to earn on Forex, you need to think not traditionally, not as much as most people, although, it is not only about the Forex market.

    The experts of the Training department of the Masterforex-V World Academy, working in the interest of all, without exception, mentioned that the traders developed an interesting, and most importantly, a unique offering that actually solves the problem of novice traders. As we know, all the newcomers do not have enough money for that would start the game. But it has long been not a problem, the main thing to know about the program, which will give you the opportunity to earn a toga and you will succeed.

    More information about how experienced traders make money on the Forex market and how to become a successful trader in the same can be found on the Masterforex-V World Academy web site.

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    Masterforex-V World Academy Training News: How to work out the trading skills in real time?

    Novice traders as well as the child develop at a fantastic rate. For two or three months, they learn the basic concepts, and are able to put the indicators and see their signals, to draw inclined channels, read and listen to the news with an analytical bent. Most interesting thing is that they constantly have questions and a desire to do the wave layout with possible probable movements. And as soon as the semester ends at the Academy Masterforex, a lot of things that are called tupeyut begin to change, and are lost before the danger of making mistakes appears and are exposed to stress, so, they begin to feel the pressure and indecision.

    This happens not because of a psychological unwillingness to trade with real money, but the fact that there is no confidence in their personal experience to work on the machine and to have the responsibility for every action. Exacerbated by the case and the fact that now one has to work with the terminal, and the price of each error will be equal to the equivalent in money. As students of the Training Department of the Masterforex-V World Academy novice traders to learn automatic habits, regular brushing teeth in the morning, as they do the same without hesitation, as if going to work. When their number of the daily repetitive actions during the auction will be hard work, and a familiar and fun experience?

    Some of these questions may seem complex and important, but in fact, the answer to them is on the surface. Firstly, we can not lower the bar - choose to communicate only knowledgeable people and practicing traders. Second, choose the most experienced and able to teach, which means - the teachers of the Academy Mastrerforex-V are. And third, do not use the internet trash, any simplified representation of trading options downplay its significance and I have serious attitude towards it on the fun.
    Those people who surround themselves with talented people themselves become more talented. They take one thing from friends - the other, from books and movies. A trade on the exchange and trade of profitable is the only thing for successful traders. And some knowledge here is not enough, we must have something else, one must understand the essence of words and see the driving force, which are divided teachers MF Academy.

    So, on the last training webinar it was presented MF TS in action. The participants were able to verify that the trading strategy that is taught in three departments and on the basics outlined in school starts, inquisitive and responsible students makes a profit and can not lose even a portion of the deposit.

    Webinar participants have been chosen as the time period of trade as well, and the currency pair on the tester were able to understand how to trade, manage deposits and entry points to increase the deposit. During trading, it is close to real conditions and people watched mastered several stages:

    - How to find younger TF trend direction
    - How to determine the momentum going or correction senior waves
    - How to deal with the appearance of the flat, and that it was on the completion of the wave
    - To open a "window"and it became clear that this is the beginning of a new wave of senior level
    - How to move from trade in small waves on the order of a large movement
    - Like using one TF see waves of different slaves and how they synthesize schedule

    Although, for limited time webinar, the trade was conducted within a week, the result was quite satisfactory. It became obvious that on deposit of $ 100, even when relaxed and leisurely trade can receive a 10% profit. That, although, is having the one-third of the 12 transactions closed by stop-loss, total revenues exceeded subsidence and Expectation was 1.5. The most revealing and inspiring was a series of six trades in a row, quickly raise the deposit and will not allow the loss to exceed the level of 2.7%. Any drawdown money is not threatened at the depot, if it does not exceed 12-15%, and after the demonstration, how to behave in unusual surroundings instill hope. It allows us to understand that trading is not for a chosen few, that it is always possible to learn, and that this is someone to teach.

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