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Thread: Masterforex-V Signals and Analysis

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    Default Masterforex-V Signals and Analysis

    Greetings to all members of this forum.

    In this topic I wil be posting GBP/USD and EUR/USD currency pairs reviews based on Masterforex-V New Technical Analysis

    If you have any questions regarding some Masterforex-V elements and instruments, or regarding provided reviews - feel free to ask here in this topic. I will try my best to explain.

    Also - if any of you are familiar with a term: "synthesis of binary regularities". And you are familiar with Masterforex-V market analysis aproach - You are more than welcome to express your opinion on live market situation.

    p.s.: I hope this is the right section to open this topic. If it is not - moderators, please move it to the right section. Thank you in Advance.

    This weeks Eur/Usd analysis:

    As you can see from picture above - Eur/Usd impulse down is still developing. And now it reaches already weekly level (see AO indicator on weekly TF).
    At the moment MF pivot protecting this impulse down is at 1.372

    Best regards,

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    Greetings, Eur/Usd weekly review by Masterforex-V

    As you can see on the picture - Eur/Usd impulse down is now finished (MF protective pivot is broken). Its wave level reaches Weekly TF. At the moment we are inside the "Moment of true" with two options:

    Option 1:
    a-b-c cycle of lower TF as a correction
    for the whole impulse. With a chance to continue the long term trend up (if 1.3983 high broken)

    Option 2:
    "New A wave" down (without a
    "normal" correction with a-b-c cycle). In this case we will have a "hidden FZR" down with further developing of a long-term impulse down.

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    Gbp/Usd Weekly review by Masterforex-V

    In my personal opinion. There are no conditions for a long-term trend reversal created (atleast not yet)

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    Masterforex-V World Academy starts a unique event:

    To celebrate the opening of the English branch of Masterforex-V, one of the "Senior Members" of the Masterforex-V Academy agreed to hold a "crash course."
    A group of people entered the Academy until the end of June 2014 will not only get access to a private Academy forum and Materials of Masterforex-V, but will also have the opportunity during the first three months of "live" chatting with a professional trader using Skype chat. There is even more, they will receive a live individual assistance during the study of the Masterforex-V World Academy`s materials.
    Do not miss this opportunity, hurry to register. Number of “seats” in the group is limited
    Registration is opened until June 25, 2014.

    To register, send your request to email: members (at)

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    A small recap on Eur/Usd current situation. Please see picture:

    Best regards,

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    At the moment Gbp/Usd - is back to its trend up.
    As Long as protective MF pivot 1.6920 is not broken - trend up is proceeding

    Best regards,
    representative of Masterforex-V Academy

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    As mentioned before - as long as MF protective pivots are not broken - trend up will proceed.
    Now we have a "New Reference Point MF". And also a New protective MF pivot (please see picture)

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    Eur/Usd pair has now entered to the Mid-Term Flat.

    And it is facing a "Moment of True" at the moment.

    UP - "New FZR" - and prolongation of Long-Term Trend
    Down - FZR - and start a new Long Term Trend down.

    Best regards,

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    How can we manage the psychological stress upon the rapid growth of the deposit?

    Today I would like to share with you interesting information.

    If we analyze the state of the trader after receiving a profit or loss, it is impossible to determine where more efforts have been exactly spent. It is impossible to establish the relationship between winning and losing the time spent on the analysis, on the amount of "blood and sweat” and after this, the person is more exhausted. At the end of the trading day it is clear that efforts for satisfactory operation might require significantly less than from more severe and complete loser.
    So what's the secret, what is more important – to be tired, exhausted and finally to make a profit? What is the reason of successfulness? How to choose the easy way and not the right?What depends on getting more wins from and whether you can learn this?
    All these questions are answered by the experts of Masterforex-V Academy
    At first glance, complex problems have the same difficult decisions. In fact, everything is much easier; experts of Masterforex Academy found the way out of any situation arising during the trade and create a real shock to the psyche.
    Faculty teachers recommend:
    Be consistent: on the background of various acting forces, constantly changing directions of courses, complications in the work of terminal, adding chaos, it is important to remain consistent. Successful traders, following the mentors, tend to pay more attention to the preparation of a trading plan, compliance of Money management, opening and maintenance of products, that definitely keeps quiet and gives you the opportunity to avoid stress.

    To be able to focus: a lot of conditions to make money are offered at the market. It is difficult to handle with everything and is not necessary. The advice to focus on the narrow speciality is very helpful for traders. This allows you to narrow your attention, give yourself an advantage – although in a very small area to wrap their knowledge into profit.
    Almost all traders in the media are called "players" and they think that this humbles them. But for peace of their mind, each participant of stock and trading in particularly, for whom the most critical condition of stress-relieving work is to admit that yes, "We play for money." Only after this, changes attitude to work and to money itself. After all, knowing what you risk and how much you risk, you begin to think: if it is worth to convert into a gamble things that we do every day. You will indicate those, who answer this question: who is who – either they are professionals or amateurs.
    At the Beginners School at Masterforex-V Academy, students are given direct recommendations about working on demo and real accounts.
    Among the simplest and the easiest one to master are such as:
    - When trading, there must be five thousand in account - maximum lot (0.5 lot)
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    - Minimal lot = 40 % from maximal (when the score is 10 000 = Range is 0.4-1 Lot)
    - In the range of lots you choose that is "comfortable" and does not cause fear at every pullback
    - To reduce the burden on the psyche, you should close lots fractional
    - Wait the pullback a-v-c, after breaking through the peak there is a continuation of the trend
    - To output 30% -50 % of profit - it allows you to "spare" psychology through the rapid growth of the deposit
    Implementation of all these rules, helps you to remember that the deposit on Forex is opened for stable earnings, but not for increasing of account.

    Best regards,

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    GBP/USD review
    New MF Protective pivot is created (1.7060). As long as this pivot is not broken - trend up will proceed.

    If price will break through the protective pivot = trend up of wave level h4-d1 (thats started from 1.6680) - will stop at least. To turn this trend around, a FZR of appropriate wave level is needed.

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