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Thread: Today's technical analysis (forex)

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    Today there are some news that included high impact news if we look on calendar economy, adp report often this news also can influenced on pair and making movement being higher volatile, many trader will focus on time when news will released

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    Yesterday news adp non farm unemployment change was released and data actual shows less than forecast data and this news giving impact to usd which on eurusd and some another pair making usd currency weaken, and today many trader might will focus on data nfp and waiting on time when nfp will released

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    In fact not always nfp news giving high impact to currency, and yesterday nfp has been released and should if using theory that data actual less than data forecast it making currency weaken to another currency, but what happen is opposite and no big responses after news has been released

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    Monday morning if look on gbpusd occur small gap on 15M timeframe, on another pair like as eurusd and usdjpy there are no gap has occured only on gbpusd I have seen, usually if occur gap then will cover the gap and movement price will back to first step on gap, monday often movement on narrow

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    Yesterday movement gbpusd on bearish pattern, after gap recovered then price being downtrend with good movement, and now this pair on correction time, and will possible to continue bearish, there are no news high impact today

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    Yesterday trend on audusd, occur movement on rebound after before pair move on bullish candle, overall trend might major trend dominated on bullish for long term, but also as trader need to look news update which often news giving high impact to the market

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    Today there are news that might also giving impact to currency, better check out news update on the day, fomc member speak also many trader pay attention with this news as trigger analysis
    Gold on yesterday figured on bullish pattern and whether still continue let all waiting

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    Sometime on changed market session can occured opposite movement if compared with before, so as trader sometime also they look on specifit time to start trading although not all trader like it, and understanding with the market is important to making profit, and accept loss also as part in trading that sometime inevitable

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    On closed time on the market, gold that before occured bearish pattern on hourly, then close to marjet closed move on vice versa and rebound although still not break high previous daily but overall trend still giving signal on bullish pattern weekly

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    There are occur large distance of gap today, on pair especially that having element for gbp currency, we can look on gbpusd and also gbpjpy that occured large gap on hourly timeframe, which pair down with gap distance and might trend having tendencies if gbp weaken to another currency

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