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Thread: Today's technical analysis (forex)

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    Default Today's technical analysis (forex)

    Hey tradingsystemforex, my name is Parit. I've been getting into Forex for a while now, so as I study I'd like to also connect with some other experts here, and get feedback on the news and analysis I write. Would love to hear what you guys have to say. (I hope the moderators don't mind me posting this stuff here--it's my original work so I hope not.)

    Me: Iím a Ph.D candidate in Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My research focuses on microfinance in developing countries and he lectures on macroeconomics. Prior to MIT, I worked at Law and Economics Consulting Group, Kbank, and Thai Government Pension Fund.

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    Movement on the market this week if we look on gbpusd has tendencies to bearish pattern, but if using hourly timeframe this movement still on ranging movement and maybe this because also due closed on end of the year and often market being narrowed

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    On this morning I am not see gap on pair gbpusd and another pair, trend movement for gbpusd if looking from daily timeframe still has tendencies to bearish pattern, but on last year seem movement not too much larger and only occur average movement like as usual

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    Maybe the market still remain slow because still on holiday chirstmast for nasrani ummah, and close to new year, now movement on pair gbpusd also still on flat condition and maybe many trader still waiting next year to start trade again due still not sure with the trend movement

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    What happen then on gbpusd which on daily candlestick still occured small candle has occured on yesterday, might on area 1.2290 still become resistance and possible if price reach these area then bounce back again today analysis

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    Gold metal commodity on yesterday this move down trend on london session but after newyork and sidney session eventually rebound again and now already near on price when first time move down, correction time on this area might possible to down again

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    Trend is easy to changed if yesterday gold figured down trend on newyork session but after then gold move bullish again and if using daily timeframe as trigger three candle already figured bullish candle and might this also sign on this week having tendencies to bullish

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    New year 2017 already coming and we leaving year 2016 with many story, we maybe can making good result on these year or we facing with failure on these year, but whatever result on pass year we hope on this year we will able generated better result trading and we will can work with better skill

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    This morning I am look on the chart and focus on g bpusd which yesterday figure our bearish candle, and seems already on low price previous candle but whether this pair will continue bearish or whether will reversal on this day, market always easy to move and we need usjng stop loss to manage the risk

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    Sometime trader that based on technical analysis they avoid trading when news high impact was released, often after news high impact making pair move suddenly and randomly because can't work based on technical analysis hence as trader better choose stay away from the market, today will released also news construction PMI for gbp and we need to pay attention with this news

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