MetaTrader 4 CopyTool Pro FOREX Software


If you use several brokerage companies for trading, you need useful copier between master and slave terminals. I've tried a lot of free and commercial software and
chose CopyTool from BJF Trading Group. Couple days ago I've received newsletter from BJF TG about new CopyTool Pro. Demo version is available.
Differences between CopyTool v 2.0 and CopyToolPro:
1. CoopyTool will start work only after MetaTrader receives all data about account and orders history.
2. You can trade Lot as a percent by balance, percent by equity, percent by available funds and you can use martingale.
3.New options: OverwriteStopLoss and OverwriteTakeProfit. You can set your own StopLoss and TakeProfit.
4. New option OverwriteComment. You can rewrite comments for orders.
5. We've added trade zones. Buy only higher or lower than price, ie you can buy (sell) at a best price for you.
6. You can copy closing operation from master or wait for autonomous closing.
7. You can copy partial closing.
8. Added many logging options - you can manage logging for different data more flexibly
9. installer

Two additional modules:

1 MODULE - Hedge module was developed according to the new NFA rule which forbids hedge trades. Use our tool with Hedge module to continue trading of locks. You will only need to open an additional account. Long orders will be copied to the base account. Short orders will be copied to additional account.

2 MODULE - Reverse module was developed to help traders make loss strategies profitable. Long orders copied as short orders and vice versa.

Click Here and find full information about new version and Try Demo.