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Thread: Igtfx technical analysis

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    Default IGTFX technical analysis

    IGTFX technical analysis, The report today will be about the movements of the IGTFX, CAD against all the major currencies after the Bank of Canada made some comments about their future plans and the nation’s current financial situation. IGTFX, Nevertheless, IGTFX, could u plz send me a copy of ur ID TO we wish you a nice and relaxed trading day. IGTFX,

    IGTFX, Market Review – IGTFX, Fundamental Perspective
    IGTFX, The strong CAD gained versus a basket of major currencies such as the USD and the IGTFX, JPY after Bank of Canada policy makers said that better-than-expected economic growth and inflation will spur interest-rate increases. IGTFX, The central bank held the benchmark interest rate unchanged since April 2009. IGTFX, “With recent improvements in the economic outlook, the need for such extraordinary policy is now passing and it is appropriate to begin to lessen the degree of monetary stimulus, IGTFX, ” the central bank’s IGTFX, Governor Mark Carney said in a statement from Ottawa. IGTFX, The Policy makers said that inflation will be IGTFX, “slightly higher” than their 2 percent target over the next year while they increased the 2010 economic growth forecast to 3.7 percent from 2.9 percent. IGTFX, The next two meetings will be on June 1st and July 20th. IGTFX,
    According to a survey by economists, IGTFX, the central bank will increase its interest rate to 1.25 percent by the end of the year. IGTFX, Canada’s consumer prices climbed 0.4 percent in February after rising 0.3 percent in January, IGTFX, which is more than estimated. IGTFX, They may have posted a straight monthly gain for the third time in March, IGTFX, increasing 0.2 percent, according to a survey before the nation’s statistics get published on April 23rd. The USD/CAD fell for a second day and is trading currently around 0.9940. IGTFX, Yesterday, IGTFX, the pair fell over 160 pips, which was its biggest loss since November 2009. IGTFX, The CAD/CHF gained to its highest level since April 7th after rising over 2.5 percent this week. IGTFX,
    IGTFX, The EUR fell versus 14 of its 16 major currencies while we expect IGTFX, Greece to begin talks today on activating a 45 billion-EUR IGTFX, ($61 billion) IGTFX, rescue package. IGTFX, The EUR fell for a second day versus the USD before data are expected to show IGTFX, U.S. IGTFX, existing home sales gained 5.3 percent in IGTFX, March, IGTFX, before the National Association of Realtors report tomorrow. IGTFX, The EUR/USD fell to 1.3422 after it reached a low near 1.3404. IGTFX,
    IGTFX, Daily Technical Analysis - IGTFX, Our Focus Currencies for Today IGTFX,

    GBP/CHF (4 Hour)

    IGTFX, Since the middle of March, the GBP/CHF has been trading in a bullish Fibonacci fan. IGTFX, During April, IGTFX, the market gained back after it touched the lower Fibonacci fan level for the second time. IGTFX, At the moment, IGTFX, the pair is trading below the top of the fan. IGTFX, If the market doesn’t break out of the Fibonacci fan, we might see a pull-back towards the middle and lower line. IGTFX,

    I IGTFX, ntraday Support & Resistance IGTFX, (4 Hour)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
    IGTFX, 1.6365 IGTFX, N/A
    IGTFX, 1.6285 IGTFX, N/A
    IGTFX, 1.6205 IGTFX, N/A

    USD/CAD (4 Hour)

    IGTFX, After the news from Canada yesterday, IGTFX, the USD/CAD has crashed down and seems to have found its support around 99.60. IGTFX, As we can see, IGTFX, the Stochastic Indicator reached the level around 4.00, which could indicate an oversold market. IGTFX, If the support around 99.60 is strong enough, IGTFX, the pair might return back from its losses on the way to cross the resistance level around 0.9995. IGTFX,

    IGTFX, Intraday Support & Resistance IGTFX, (4 Hour)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around IGTFX,
    IGTFX, 99.60 IGTFX, 0.9995
    IGTFX, N/A IGTFX, 1.0065
    IGTFX, N/A IGTFX, 1.0085

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    Default IGTFX technical analysis

    IGTFX technical analysis Market Review – IGTFX , Fundamental Perspective
    The IGTFX , AUD and IGTFX , NZD fell for a second day versus the JPY and USD on concern that IGTFX , Greece’s struggle to fund its budget shortfall will decrease demand for higher-yielding assets. IGTFX , Greece’s deficit of 12.9 percent of gross domestic product is more than four times than the EU limit. The high-rate currencies also weakened on prospects that U.S. IGTFX , IGTFX , President Barack Obama will call for new financial regulations. IGTFX , IGTFX , The NZD pulled a bit back versus the IGTFX , USD as IGTFX , New Zealand’s Finance Minister Bill English said that the nation’s economy is recovering “slightly more strongly” as shown in a December Treasury forecast. IGTFX , According to a U.S IGTFX , Treasury Department official, the Group of Seven finance ministers are meeting today in Washington where they discuss currencies, IGTFX , financial markets and the timing of improving fiscal stimulus. IGTFX ,
    IGTFX , The JPY gained versus all 16 most-traded currencies after the nation’s exports grew for a fourth month in March and shipments abroad advanced 43.5 percent from a year earlier, IGTFX , the Finance Ministry in Tokyo said today. IGTFX , The JPY also gained after Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said this week that the risk of another recession has “pretty much gone.” IGTFX , The JPY gained for a second day versus the USD, NZD and the AUD. It reached a high around 85.80 versus the AUD and a peak by 65.80 against the NZD. IGTFX , According to the IMF, IGTFX , Australia’s gross domestic product will expand 3 percent this year and 3.5 percent in 2011. IGTFX ,
    IGTFX , The EUR fell for a third day versus the GBP after talks started yesterday about an assistance package for Greece including 30 billion euros from the European Union and as much as 15 billion euros from the International Monetary Fund. IGTFX , The EUR/GBP fell for a fourth day after it reached a low near 0.8673, IGTFX , which was the lowest level since February 18th. IGTFX , The EUR/USD pulled a bit back after it fell to a low of around 1.3357 yesterday, the lowest level since April 9th. IGTFX ,
    IGTFX , Daily Technical Analysis - IGTFX , Our Focus Currencies for Today IGTFX ,

    EUR/GBP (Daily)

    IGTFX , After touching the horizontal resistance level for the second time, IGTFX , the EUR/GBP pulled back inside the bearish pitchfork channel and crossed the level around 0.8700, IGTFX , which may be a technical as well as a psychological support line. IGTFX , At the moment, IGTFX , the pair is trading between the 0.8700 and the 0.8645 support line. IGTFX , If the pair could cross the 0.8645 support line, we might see further losses inside the bearish pitchfork. IGTFX ,
    IGTFX , Intraday Support & Resistance IGTFX , (Daily)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
    IGTFX , 0.8645 IGTFX , 0.8830
    IGTFX , N/A IGTFX , 0.8865
    IGTFX , N/A IGTFX , 0.8920

    AUD/USD (Daily)

    IGTFX , On a long-term view, IGTFX , the AUD/USD has been trading below a horizontal resistance around 0.9340. IGTFX , After reaching a low near 0.8577 at the beginning of February, IGTFX , the pair gained inside a bullish trend channel before it finally reached the long-term resistance around 0.9340. IGTFX , IGTFX , If the pair could break through the 0.9340 resistance line constantly, IGTFX , we might see further gains inside the bullish trend channel. IGTFX ,

    IGTFX , Intraday IGTFX , Support & IGTFX , Resistance IGTFX , (Daily)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around IGTFX ,
    IGTFX , 0.9010 IGTFX , 0.9340
    IGTFX , 0.8915 IGTFX , N/A
    IGTFX , 0.8565 IGTFX , N/A

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    Default IGTFX technical analysis

    IGTFX technical analysis
    Market Review – Fundamental Perspective
    The CAD was within a cent of parity with its U.S. major counterpart as traders expected a signal that a bailout of Greece would succeed in preventing a financial crisis from spreading. This increased the demand for higher yielding assets. The CAD reached nearly a one for one basis against the USD and traded at 1.0003. During the last two months, the CAD could gain about 700 pips against the USD and touched on April 21st its highest level since June 2008 at 0.9131. Last week, the USD recovered as much as 0.6% after the Canadian inflation rate failed to keep pace with the expectations which were forecasted. Furthermore the CAD weakened as crude oil for the June delivery dropped as much as 1.6% after earlier gaining 0.6% to 85.63 USD a barrel. Currently, crude oil is trading at 83.95 a barrel. Furthermore the EUR could gain versus the CAD and reached 1.3410. It seems that the CAD tends to rise and fall similar to commodities and equities.
    The GBP rose against the USD for the first time in three days after a report showed that the U.K. house prices rose in April for a ninth consecutive month. That solidified the expectations that the economic recovery is gaining traction. The GBP gained versus 13 of its 16 major counterparts. The USD drooped 0.6% to 1.5473 and the EUR weakened 0.9% to 0.8621 after earlier reaching 0.8604. This was the strongest level since the end of January 2010. The gains for the GBP reduced its yearly losses against the USD to 4.4%.
    The JPY dropped against its most traded counterparts as signals that the global economy is recovering were shown. This dented the demand for the currency as a refuge. The AUD traded near its highest level since September 2008 versus the JPY on speculation that U.S. data this week will show that housing market is stabilizing and consumer spending will raise in the first quarter.
    Daily Technical Analysis - Our Focus Currencies for Today

    USD/CAD (Daily)

    On a long term view, the USD has been trading in a bearish trend channel versus the CAD. Recently, the currency pair touched its support level around 0.9968 and the prices could recover. It seems that the support could be strong enough to stop the downward trend but it remains to be seen if the support could confirm its strength.

    Intraday Support & Resistance (Daily)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
    0.9968 1.0082
    N/A 1.0180
    N/A 1.0241

    EUR/CAD (1 Hour)

    After touching its support level around 1.3297, the EUR increased to its resistance level around 1.3416. As the prices reached this level, the currency pair rebounded. During April, whenever the prices touched this level, the EUR dropped. Also a crossing Stoch indicator through the signal line from the top may support a bearish trend. Next support could be around 1.3255.

    Intraday Support & Resistance (H1)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
    1.3355 1.3416
    1.3297 1.3665
    1.3255 1.3725

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    Default IGTFX technical analysis

    IGTFX technical analysis Market Review – IGTFX technical analysis Fundamental Perspective

    IGTFX, The AUD drooped for a third day against the JPY as the stocks and commodities tumbled and after the credit rating downgrades for IGTFX, Greece and Portugal. IGTFX, That spurred investors to shun higher yielding currencies. IGTFX, The AUD weakened 0.2% versus the JPY and traded at 85.18. IGTFX, Also the NZD decreased the most since February 2010 versus the USD as Standard & Poor`s, one of the world’s biggest rating agency, IGTFX, cut Greece`s credit rating to junk and reduced Portugal`s two steps. That is fueling concerns the debt laden nations are moving closer to default. The NZD weakened 0.2% against the JPY and reached 66.20 and the USD strengthened to 0.7114. That was a profit of 1.7%. Today, we expect the consumer prices from Australia. IGTFX, Declines in the AUD may be limited, because economists expect gains in the first quarter. IGTFX,
    Also the EUR dropped versus the USD and touched a one year low as Standard & Poor`s lowered Greece`s and Portugal`s credit rating. The EUR slid to 1.3165 after touching a low near 1.3145 against the USD. IGTFX, Furthermore the JPY strengthened to a five week high against the EUR and traded at 122.61 after touching 122.37. IGTFX, The JPY and the USD could increase against most of its 16 major counterparts. IGTFX, They were the winner of the trading day. IGTFX,
    IGTFX, In the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said a failure to reduce the federal budget deficit may push interest rates over time and could impair the economic growth. That would be a risk for a successful recovery from the financial crisis. IGTFX, The current government of the U.S. IGTFX, estimates that the budget deficit will be 5.1 trillion USD at all over five years and will hit a record over 1.6 trillion USD in the year which ends in September 2010. IGTFX, The 1.4 trillion USD deficits in 2009 were equal to 9.9% of gross domestic product, the largest share since the end of the Second World War. IGTFX,
    IGTFX, Daily Technical Analysis - IGTFX, Our Focus Currencies for Today

    NZD/JPY (4 Hour)

    IGTFX, In April, the currency pair could improve its price. Two days ago, the NZD rebounded at its upper Fibonacci retracement and dropped to its Fibo line around 66.10 (38.2) where IGTFX, the prices could recover again. IGTFX, Now it seems that the bulls could impact. IGTFX, The Stoch indicator may support that with a breakthrough by the signal line from below. IGTFX,

    IGTFX, Intraday Support & Resistance (H4)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
    IGTFX, 66.10 IGTFX, 66.50
    IGTFX, 65.50 IGTFX, 66.90
    IGTFX, 64.95 IGTFX, 67.90

    EUR/JPY (4 Hour)

    IGTFX, Since the beginning of April, the EUR has been trading in a zigzag movement against the JPY and dropped at least. IGTFX, Currently, IGTFX, the prices reached the lower Bollinger Band. During April, IGTFX, whenever the EUR touched the lower Band, the prices recovered. IGTFX, Also a crossing Stoch indicator could support another trend reversal. IGTFX,

    IGTFX, Intraday Support & Resistance (H4)Support Levels around Resistance Levels around
    IGTFX, 122. IGTFX, 60 123.50
    IGTFX, N/A IGTFX, 124.40
    IGTFX, N/A IGTFX, 125.30

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