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Thread: Currencies today by UWCFX

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    Lightbulb Currencies 28.05.10

    EUR/USD considerably got better yesterday

    USD and YEN are in the direction of rising

    Long weekends of the Memorial Day may affect to the market volatility

    The yen has gone down to the level 110.65 against euro in comparison with the previous level of 109.47

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    Lightbulb Markets 31.05.10

    Indian GDP jumps
    8,6 % first quarter.

    EURO stabilizes.
    Weaker YEN

    Downgrading of Spain
    creates new worries
    on growth in Europe

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    Lightbulb Currency news 01.06.10

    Stable EURO

    move upwards

    GBP and YEN
    stabilize against

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    Lightbulb Markets today 02.06.10

    GDP strengthens
    to USD and Euro.

    Oil weakens and
    Gold climbs further

    Continued nervousness
    and market volatility

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    Lightbulb Markets 03.06.10

    YEN falls as Japan
    chooses new Prime Minister

    Asian stock markets
    boom along with US

    BUY NOK against
    EURO and USD

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    Lightbulb Markets 04/06/10

    EURO on lowest level
    to USD in four years.

    YEN under continued
    pressure waiting for
    nomination of new PM.

    Commodities and GOLD
    fall as result of gains in
    world stock markets.

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    Lightbulb Marekets 07/06/10

    Gloom and doom
    back to markets:

    EURO under continuous
    pressure and new low

    NEXT test level to USD
    1.16: and parity?

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    Default Markets today 08/06/10

    Bernanke blows new
    optimism into markets:

    Recovery is on track
    especially in USA!

    EURO recovers from
    bottom levels: 1,1955.

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    Post Markets 10.06.2010

    USD weakens somewhat
    against other currencies

    Oil prices increase on
    fall in oil storages.

    Gold takes a little dip
    before new boost?

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    Post 11.06.2010

    GBP recovers and EURO
    stabilizes against USD

    World stock markets soar
    last two sessions

    Stronger inflationary pressure
    indicate higher
    commodity prices

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