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Thread: I think that most of traders is trading without signals or indicator?

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    Default I think that most of traders is trading without signals or indicator?

    hello traders,
    i think that most of the traders uses just trends to trade...and they are successful traders by following trends and movements..and also just know about specific currencies and stick to them....what are your views?

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    Everything has advantages and disadvantages as well as an indicator, but a combination of several indicators it will form a system that is expected to be able to cover the shortcomings of each of these indicators, in this way caused the risk of each indicator can be minimized.

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    Very good explanation sherelia, Using combination of some indicators will improve your trade. And all trader always trade where the market going on, they always follow the trend because trend is our friends....

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    yes you right there are many new user ignore real trading methods, including indicators, templates, and trading strategies. coz they dont have much experience in forex trading so they want to become rich in starting.

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    If we are new in forex, we should learn first about forex trading. We can try to maximize demo account and improve our trading skills to get more maximal result in forex. We must make analysis before we want to make order because it will make us can get better result. But we should understand the market movement too. forex forecast from a broker also can be used

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