I have recently been putting some serious thought into my financial situation. I figured that it was time to put a serious plan in place that would allow me to accomplish all of my money goals over the next few years, as well as the end game of retirement. I figured that my strategy had to have 3 primary goals and strategies.

The first part of my plan will include short term, medium term, and long term goals. Obviously the short and medium term goals will ultimately accomplish the long term goals. I also want to look at including strategies for slow growth, medium growth, and long term growth. This means that some strategies will be long term, slow growing, but solid investments. Other investments will be much higher risk, but also have a higher return on investment when it goes properly.

I began looking online for various methods, ideas, and strategies to accomplish these goals. One technique and method that I came across is the use of binary options. I ultimately found this page Binary option - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on Wikipedia. They explain that a binary option has some payoff that is either a fixed amount, an asset of some type, or nothing at all. This means that the payoff will be significantly higher than with other investments, but there is also more risk compared to traditional investment vehicles like a 401(k).

I continued my search for more information about how to use binary options in order to earn money as quickly as possible and to include in my quick and short term financial goals. I found various programs that offered instruction, as well as countless books on the topic. I also found various programs that allow someone to make trades. They ranged from super easy to use all the way to college graduate complex.

My question is whether or not any of you has had any experience with buying and selling binary options. What advice would you offer to help me get the most out of my trades as quickly as possible? Do any of you have any experience in this investment vehicle? I am open to anything all of you can offer me, and any advice you may give.