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Thread: Foeex is a good option for students.?

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    Default Foeex is a good option for students.?

    Forex is a good option for students who wish to trade on a part time basis. It will help them get some pocket money even though they are in school learning at the same time. When you are a student in University and also doing forex you have to make sure that you spend time with your books more than forex trading. So forex is best option for students.

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    Yes Forex is a good option for students if they are interested to take part in Forex. Students can learn easily about forex and also make some good money for the expenditures of their study. So students can trade as a part time trader.

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    I guess for MBA students it will be a good practice, I won't recommend freshman.

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    Forex is appropriate for anyone. if we have a good trading skills then anyone can be successful in forex. Students can succeed in forex if he is able to divide their time between studying and practicing trading. because then we can benefit from forex

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