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Thread: Can i earn money form forex just one day in the week?

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    Default Can i earn money form forex just one day in the week?

    yes my friend, of course you can earn money every day, by analyzing the market every day. it is called intraday trading. most traders do just that. they are trying to earn a profit every day, by looking at the daily trend. I think it is much easier to do.

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    The amount one earns per week depends on the level of investment he has and his experience as a forex trader.

    If you have huge investments and sound knowledge of forex you can earn so much weekly. It is easy to earn as high as you want if you use more lot sizes and leverage but the risks is far too high.

    I earn 50 to 100 dollars weekly because i don't trade often and i risk very small amount of my capital.

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    Of course, we can. We can earn money from forex just one day in the week. But we must know that forex trading is risky business. Try to learn forex first before we want to trade in forex. Let's Be more than a trader, be a TenkoTrader. Improve our trading skills and maximal what have been provided by broker.

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