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Thread: If you are a winner, what makes you win?

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    Default If you are a winner, what makes you win?

    I would like this issue to be helpful for beginners and those who try to force his way in this world called Forex
    I have some questions especially those who win in this large market:
    1 - What is your strategy ?
    2 - when working in this market?
    3 - What is your advice for beginners?

    Thank you very much

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    I'm an intraday trader. But usually i also do scalping. And i try to get more maximal result by maximizing market news from TnekoFx. And if we are still new in forex, we must try to learn using demo account first. We must know that forex trading is not easy, if we want to keep trying and learning, we will get more maximal result.

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    I was a loser when I traded manually! I did not know the actual way of trading even I did not have any profitable trading strategy so, I lost my capital for seven times! But right now, I am making handsome money automatically by using copy trading service of TradingBanks broker! There is no complicated thing on this service so, I get my money comfortably.

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    It is the combination of some factors that a trader winner. If you want to be a successful trader and make money you have to make some rules of your own. First of making a trading psychology is very important. Psychology plays a crucial role in trading. Then it comes to choose a broker carefully. You have to be aware in selecting a broker. For example I trade binary options. And for this I have selected lxmarkets for my trading platform. Because they have all the features that a good broker should have

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    My main strength of Forex trading is my trading strategy then my trading discipline! On the other hand, I am really thankful to trade24 broker due to providing this kind of great live trading environment; now I can concentrate properly in my live trading account since they ensure their live trading chart without any technical error; even I have no idea here on slippage and requotes!

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