How can we get experience in forex trading?
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Thread: How can we get experience in forex trading?

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    Default How can we get experience in forex trading?

    I want to know that how can we get experienced in trading to make a lot of earning per day can we get experience without getting losses or the failure is the only way to get experience like the beginner in the forex in the start get losses then become experienced to handle the trading to get profit .

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    You should make a trading plan, and test it on demo or in backtesting. Then you can pass to real-money, at least that's how I did it. Greetings!

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    We can use demo account to start trading with demo account. We will also get trading experience in forex trading. We can use our experience to make our skills be better. And trading experience that we get from real trading also should be learned.

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How can we get experience in forex trading?