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Thread: Difference between Winners and Losers

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    Difference between winner and loser is not very hard to find I think. Because it is easy to make difference between successful trader and a trader whose losing his or her money. We should look for how much knowledge of forex they contain who are losing money.
    It is the fact that without proper knowledge no one can last long in forex business. On the other hand, if your broker is not supportive than you canít be winner even how much you try hard. Iím now successful trader because my broker TryMarkets is so much supportive towards me.

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    "The words you utilize don't simply express what you're thinking and feeling; they also inform you how to think and feel. Losers use words that make them greater losers; winners use wording that makes them more beneficial.
    I've seen several anonymous variants on this list on the web but I've rolled out a few changes and increments based on my own understanding:
    -A loser tries to redirect problems to others.
    -A winner tries to solve problems by himself.
    -A loser used to say that is not my task.
    -A winner has a tendency to help others."

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