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    Default Step become the IB

    Want to earn extra money? If you have a website, blog, or social media take advantage as best as possible to make it a barn for your money. It's easy, by joining with the broker to IB (introducing broker). This is the right solution for you who are looking for an experience in the marketing or want to add revenue.

    Introducting the broker is the kind of partnership that does not require knowledge about forex and investing more in, because that is needed here is your expertise in introducing the client to the broker. And later you will get Commission from each client.

    The Advantage of an IB

    1. no need to spend long hours to sitting
    2. don't need to be a reliable person to the world of trading
    3. no charge for registration

    What is needed

    1. A strong desire to earn money
    2. Web site, blog, or other social media use
    3. Register/create an account registration

    Broker TenkoFX offers a variety of partnership programs, each designed to meet different business model and set a destination. TenkoFX as a partner you will become a passive shareholder in our company, to share in our success and help us to grow by attracting new clients. You will earn revenue for each client that you bring, apart from their trading results. At this stage, we offer three types of affiliate programs: Web Agency, partners and Introducing Broker (IB)

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    IB indeed be very profitable for us who want to earn extra money apart from this forex trading. we could

    be IB of freshforex with the following steps:
    1. Open affiliate account
    2. Get referral link and a promotional code
    3. Define the strategy
    4. Tell a friend
    5. Get profit

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    The Commission provided by the brokers do not missed simply because this will help us to be able to maximize revenue. where the broker I use i.e. TenkoFx has the following Commission schemes such as in the picture

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Step become the IB