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    for beginners would be better if we could try trading with small capital first, trading with small capital will allow us to trade with the maximum. for that, we should be a lot to learn and practice trading so well that would allow us to trade well. and do not forget the SL and TP when trading

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    this is a trading strategy performed by professionals

    News Trading
    This method exploits the market response when there is a release of economic data. The market will usually move more volatile if numbers from a given economic data are announced better or worse than expected.

    Magic Number
    What is meant by magic number here are price levels such as 1.3000, 1.5000, 1.7000, and so forth. While non magic number is the price as we used to see, such as 1.2345, 1.9876, 1.1357 and so on.

    Indicator Combinations
    This is often referred to as a trading system. Professional traders usually use some technical indicators at the same time with the intention that one indicator can cover the weakness of other indicators so that the resulting signal is expected to be more accurate.

    btw, does anyone here ever work with a broker?
    if not I suggest to cooperate with one of the brokers that is with FXB Trading because they offer many advantages.

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    I'd say it's not only about determination and discipline but also training and trading in demo or cent accounts. Because things don't just happen and money doesn't fall from the sky here.

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