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Thread: Big or small lot size trade

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    Default Big or small lot size trade

    Its a very simple equation that a big lot size gives more profit and the less lot size gives us less profit but for that investments also matters . My question is that in spite of having more investment - do you prefer big or small lot size trading.

    Having small investment we can't go for larger lot size trade.

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    I prefer use small lot to big lot size when trading. Using small lot size, it means that we can already try to minimize the risk. Although i only use small amount in TenkoFx, but using leverage i keep trading in forex. So i use small lot size and try to make it consistent when trading

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    I prefer small lot size just to make my trading more safe actually.

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    Selection of lots in this forex trading, it should be adapted to our capacity and our capital. If you're new to forex it would be better if we could use a lot of trading with a 0.01 first. We need to use a small lot so that the resilience of our accounts will remain intact. So we will be trading with longer

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