How do you manage Trading loss?
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Thread: How do you manage Trading loss?

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    Question How do you manage Trading loss?

    Hi guys,
    Suppose u r now in floating losses.
    How to manage trading losses according to u?

    1. Wait till hit sl
    2. Close trade before hit sl as it appears setup reversed
    3. Placing no sl and wait till market return to your direction (whatever happen will not close the trade)
    4.Start hedging but will not close the trade and will add position after getting clear direction.

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    loos is a part of forex and we have to accept it, so its better to come over it and trade , if i make loss continuously the i take a break and try to analyse what i ve been doing wrong.

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    Place sl is the wisest decision . Practicing loss management in demo trading is very important. Human mind set to not accept the loss . It is the ego inside them . So this build in not accepting
    need to be corrected in demo.

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    Dear fxEAlover,

    I understand where you are coming from, as when I was a beginner I thought long and hard about it.
    You need to first determine how much are you willling to lose per trade, instead of thinking about how to correct a floating loss.

    We will never know when is the market going to die or when the market is going to go up. Either way, we should always believe sticking to plan and hit your SL. Its may not make sense now, but you will know what is good for you if you stick according to your rules and trading plan.

    The golden rule if you dont want to read too much, trading is never about a 100% win rate. Is about gaining profit. My win rate is only 49% but i still profit. Think about it )


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    i usuually control my lose by money mangement. i can keep money in my account. and i can make money with next signal. this profit will get money back/

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    But at all times of trading, always be aware of your risks and manage your risk well. That way you will not lose everything and in the long run you will make.

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    Once you make a loss its very hard to come over it, but its not impossible you should utilize tools like stop loss and try to avoid repetition of mistakes you have already done.

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    1- trade with 10% to 20% of you money.
    2- Enter the market after (good study) by looking carefully to the chart.
    3- put your stop in point that you see if the indicator arrive to it will be go opposite of you .
    4- put your profit before you put your deal, and take your profit ,and don't wait for more

    by these rules the risk will be under control

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    i control my trading with money management. i realize somethings. we are difficult to control the order. we need money management plan. we can keep money in account better.

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    Well I have a simple strategy to manage loss, I manage money in such a way that I could earn double the amount I loss

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How do you manage Trading loss?