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Thread: Don't do it. Don't risk too much.

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    When it comes to binary options my advice is always the same - stay away from binary options. First of all, you take a lot of risk when you trade them, because they resemble more gambling than trading. Second, there are a lot of scammers among the binary options brokers. The whole industry has become infamous about it. Even the FBI is issuing warnings about the scams they run and the amount of money people lose to them. I urge a lot of caution when dealing with binary options.

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    Sometimes risks can be justified, although it doesn't happen often, and sometimes I've had bad days. Now I try to do it, when I'm sure of myself.

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    Actually there really are a lot of scammers, won't argue with that. But there are appropriate brokers. who allow normal trading. In order not to be deceived it's better to think it over 100 times about where to open a depo.

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