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Thread: Requests about File Attachments & Elite section EAs

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    Red face Requests about File Attachments & Elite section EAs


    This is my first post, I hope this is the right forum to request enhancements:

    1. File attachments popup window doesn't show dates, which makes it very difficult to choose which file is related to which post, and how old is the attached file in question.

    Also, it's impossible to jump to the post related to a file in particular

    2. I'm interested in joining the Elite section, it would be really nice to have the premium EAs available as demo, so that one can gauge the quality of the EAs beforehand.

    PS. I'm not questioning the value of the Elite section, I'm just saying it would give a huge incentive to traders to join the Elite section if they can backtest EAs themselves rather than going through pages checking old backtesting results


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    Hi style-sheets,

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    We will study these possibilities.

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