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Thread: PAID subscription

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    Exclamation PAID subscription

    hello friend

    i paid subscriptionfor one years but my elite account not active

    could anyone help me?

    best regard

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    Hi glosbe,

    You should be able to access to the Elite section now :

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    thanx very much fxtester

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    How does one pay for a elite section subscription these days?

    Seems I used to pay for it through subscriptions in my profile, but I was looking a couple months ago and couldn't find how to pay...

    Doh, nevermind, I found it finally... right where it always was...

    However, is anything being added to the elite section these days? Seems a little dead here...
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    Hi sumnone,

    Yes it is less active nowadays. I will try to boost the animation soon.

    Right now, I am still working on very big codes that take much of my time.

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