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Thread: 31 most important Economic Indicators

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    New Home Sales \ Sales of new homes

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    The report on new home sales shows sales of new houses designed for one family, for the year.
    Historically, changes in consumer spending appeared for the first timethe automotive sector and in real estate. If the volume of new home sales weakened, suffering housing, and this in turn affects employment in the construction industry.
    Thus, the slowing of homes for sale can be a leading indicator of the downturn in the real estate sector. Therefore, when analyzing the index źNew home sales╗
    use the " moving average ╗ (moving average). The growing importance of this indicator has a positive effect on the course of the national currency.

    Source: Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce.
    Release Time: 10:00 the ET around the last business day of the month. The data for the previous month.

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    Initial Claims \ Applications for unemployment benefits

    31 most important Economic Indicators-us_initial_claims_for_unemployment_benefits_in_thousands__us_initial_claims_for_unemployment_ben-png

    The Claims the Initial (Initial applications for unemployment benefits) reflects the number of applications filed on state benefits for the previous week. Increasing applications showsdecrease in employment and increases the growth of unemployment. Due to minor changes in the weekly reports, many analysts look at a moving average of this indicator. It is at least 30 K applications, indicating a significant change in the growth of unemployment.

    Source: Center for Employment and Training of the Department of Labor Management.
    Release: 8:30 the ET every Thursday. Statistical data for the previous week.

    On the market has a significant impact not, however, reduce the number of applications for unemployment benefits is a favorable factor for the growth of the dollar.

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    The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) \ index of industrial association managers.

    31 most important Economic Indicators-june-2015-historical-jpg

    Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) (Purchasing Managers' Index of Institute for Supply Managers, USA) - This index assesses the prospects of the manufacturing sector, as well as an index association . Industrial managers
    PMI index is based on five major indicators:
    - new orders (new 'orders')
    - stocks (inventory a a levels)
    - production (a production)
    - employment (imployment)
    - delivery support (supplier deliveries)

    and also takes into account such aspects:
    - new export and import orders (new the export and import statement 'orders')
    - the accumulated outstanding orders (order backlogs, but shalt bring the item in 1993)
    - prices (commodity prices)

    Published by the Institute of Supply Management (Institute for Supply Management, ISM) in recent times (up to 01.01.2002) National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM) and, therefore, PMI ISM index was PMI NAPM.

    Release date : the first working day of the month, 10:00 am EST.

    The market usually reacts to it as follows:

    PMI up = bond market down
    PMI down = market bonds up

    PMI up = stock market up
    PMI down = stock market down

    PMI up = Dollar Up
    PMI down = dollar down

    PMI (Purchasing Managers Index, Germany) is the index of purchasing managers in Germany and includes an overview of the 350 companies on the following characteristics:
    - release
    - new orders
    - time
    - the time of delivery of orders
    - purchase inventory

    PMI (Purchasing Managers Index, Euroregion) is an index for the Euroregion and covers 12 countries (Germany, Italy, UK), with the single currency euro and shows the level of business activity in these countries.

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    Philadelphia Fed Index

    31 most important Economic Indicators-united-states-philadelphia-fed-manufacturing-index-png

    Business Activity Index of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (still known as the Business Outlook Survey) is a monthly survey of manufacturers located in three Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

    Readings below zero indicate a slowdown in the economy. The index itself is of little value for the market, although some traders followed closely watched as it comes before the ISM index, and can give an idea of how will an indicator of business activity at the national level.
    The growth index may lead to an increase in the dollar.

    Release Date : 17 th of each month
    Release Time : 10:00 EST
    Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
    's latest release:

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    Housing Starts and Building Permits \ Start of housing construction and building permits

    31 most important Economic Indicators-2016-10-07_012817-png

    Home Housing, as well as a building permit is one of the leading indicators of economic activity.
    This indicator showsHow many housing units, construction of which began in that month.
    Start of construction - is the process of laying the foundation of residential buildings. Increasing the number of building permits and start construction usually occur a few months later, after the decline in interest rates.
    The monthly national report is divided by regions: Northeast, Midwest, South and West. Many traders analyze regional data because they have a high degree of volatility.

    Importance :. Average
    Volatility : moderate.
    Posted by : Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce
    release Time: 8:30 the ET, the 16th of each month of the month.
    Web :

    Housing Starts Up ///The bond market down/// The stock market is up/// dollar Movement insignificant
    Housing Starts Down/// The bond market up/// The stock market is down/// dollar Movement insignificant

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    Treasury Budget \ Treasury budget

    31 most important Economic Indicators-1-rxfesawmnbm1tlwz1pnz_q-jpeg

    The market analyzes the monthly US Treasury data. Treasury budget tracks the changes in revenues and expenditures, as well as the surplus or deficit of the federal government. April is a the most important month, from a financial point of view, although the budget process begins in January and then proposed in April as president of the budget.

    Since the deficit increases Treasury notes and bonds sold to finance state activities. If demand remains constant and supply increases, the cost of tools is reduced. Or, conversely, when the deficit increased (or there is an excess). If demand remains constant and supply decreases, the price of government debt securities, should be increased.

    Lower prices for bonds and notes equates to an increase in yield for the investor. Higher yields in the market means that the government should issue Treasury securities at higher interest rates. When these risk-free rates rise, the effect is seen in all debt markets, and the high interest rate environment is born. This is bearish on the stock markets.

    Importance :. Low
    Volatility :. Low
    Source : US Department of Treasury
    Release Time : 14:00 ET, about the third week of the month.

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    Consumer Price Index \ Consumer Price Index

    31 most important Economic Indicators-62170005200_consumer-price-index-march-2016-gif

    Consumer Price Index is regarded by many traders as the most important indicator of inflation. CPI (Consumer Price Index) measures the prices of a fixed basket of the price levelfood products and services purchased at the consumer level.
    The consumer price index is made up of a set of prices for industrial goods, shelter, clothing, fuel, transport and health services. Weight of each is as follows:
    - 38% of housing
    - food 19%
    - 8% fuel
    - cars 7%
    - 6% Clothes

    Value: Average
    Volatility: Moderate
    Source: US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Release Time: 8:30 the ET, about the 13th of each month.
    Web: htm

    CPI up/// The bond market down/// The stock market is down/// Dollar undefined.
    CPI down/// The bond market up/// The stock market is up/// Dollar undefined.

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    Wholesale Inventories

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    Wholesale Inventories -. Economic indicator that reflects the movement of inventory in the warehouses of wholesale trade (US)
    The data in this report includes Statistics of sales and inventory production.
    Sales values have no effect on the market because they do not reflect private consumption, but the wholesale inventories may change the aggregate inventory profile, which in turn affects the GDP.
    It characterizes the relationship between wholesalers and retailers .
    a stable trend has a great impact on the market in its dynamics. Growth of the index has a negative impact on the dollar.

    Importance: Low, it has a limited impact on the market.
    Source: Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce
    Release Time: 10:00 the ET around the 5th of each month
    Web: html

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    Existing Home Sales

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    Sales of already built homes. It shows how many homes sold in the secondary real estate market during the year. It gives an overview of the optimism of consumers and their ability to buy expensive things.
    It characterized by the fact that the increase in the volume of construction shows the improvement of the population welfare and economic recovery.
    The index is compiled by the National Association of Realtors. It does not have a significant impact on the market, although the decline in value has a negative value on the currency.

    Source : National Association of Realtors.
    Release Time : 10:00 ET on the 25th numbers (data for the previous month).
    Web :

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    Price export \ Export prices

    Attachment 31235

    The indicator shows the change in export prices over the last month. It serves as an inflation indicator. Traders monitor the export prices excluding agriculture, which have their own swing(Do not reflect the long-term trend). The growth of the indicator leads to the growth of the dollar.

    Source: Census Bureau and Bureau of Economic Analysis Department of Commerce.
    Release Time: 8:30 the ET in the 20 days of the month. (data for the previous two months).
    Web :

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