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Thread: 3 Rules you need to follow to become a good swing trader

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    Default 3 Rules you need to follow to become a good swing trader

    The objective of this report and the information that follows it is to accelerate the time it takes you to reach the level of swing trading expertise to achieve financial freedom and practice worry free trading. Swing trading is popular among Forex traders as well as Stock traders and it can be applied to almost any kind of instruments.

    You can read it here.

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    I am afraid to follow unknown links. Please put all the information here if possible.

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    To be effective in good trading you need to business only when the likelihood is in your benefit. You need to be individual, and delay for a good venture set up, a set up when the possibilities of it operating out are much higher than the possibilities of it unable. Its very simple to leap in and out of deals, you may win a few but on the whole you will reduce.

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    the longer the tiem frame the less steress involved generally. As long as you manage thge risk.

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    good rules but I would add some more related to emotion field

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