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Thread: Where to invest??

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    Yea if you are retiring then its better to invest in real estate or any fixed deposits, as it will be much safer.

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    Investment is very important task in Forex trading that relates in secure. So, according to my trading experience, I think we the traders have to invest our capital in regulated trading broker which guarantee their clients’ funds. Because only regulated trading broker for all time make sure security of funds at any investment with a wide range of trading technologies.

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    there will be many advisors, everyone will be advising what is profitable for them, might drop a referral link. But it's up to each of us what choice we make, so that we don't end up blaming anyone.

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    First of all ask yourself what is your end goal, what do you want to get in the end, I personally for now am investing in my trading, if you can call it that. Many prefer a passive income, I relate well to that, but for now am ready to develop myself in the direction of trading.

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    It's just that many people think passive income is way easier. It's like you've transferred some money and that's it, you get profit. In fact, there are many risks and you need to be well-versed to entrust your funds to an executive, for example.

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    Actually, I wouldn't mind finding a 100% trustworthy source of passive income I could invest into. But nothing has worked out yet.

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    I'd like to find a stable passive income source. I haven't come across anything reliable yet, mostly something suspicious.

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