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Thread: What accurate and reliable indicators to use for EURUSD M1??

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    Default What accurate and reliable indicators to use for EURUSD M1??

    Hi guys,

    i'm interested in trading EURUSD M1 and would like to know what type of indicators is suitable for reliable and accurate signal for a buy/sell.

    Anyone can recommend me the indicators be it well-known or built by forumers here??

    And also, which time of the day should i trade for best result? Asian session or london or usa session? Please advise Thx!

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    There are no.
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    Default Reliable Indicators

    We trade using the Flux Capacitor.

    It measures behavioral tendencies in the pair and plots zones of strength and weakness days in advanced based on what the institutions tend do do on certain days and certain times of those days.

    It will show you when the institutions are expected to drive the price up for example, and what time (to the minute) you can expect that move to occur. You wait for your setup to occur and then either receive confirmation or you don't. It's pretty reliable.

    You can sign up for a weekly webinar at Back to the Future Trading and watch them go through it. They do it on Friday afternoons I think.

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    I have one also. Its easy to use, about an inch in diameter, a couple MMs thick and you use to be able to buy a newspaper with just one.

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