Sharing experience, and stop being naive !
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Thread: Sharing experience, and stop being naive !

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    Default Sharing experience, and stop being naive !

    Hello folks,

    This message is to open door of bewareness...

    It is absolutely crazy how commercial EAs are doomed !

    The last of the day is : profxmaker with new release, backtest don't work, they show on website the week that work, even in the last month, 1 on 2 works, and none with 1000€ with 0.01 lot would work, promise hundreds of % by some weeks, show backtest with relative DD of 60-75% (funny), forward are not too bad... but we won't se the crask for commercial purposes, you would just reach a relative drawdown between 70-90%. they warn about crack on the net that kills the account, but it is funny i've been able to do backtest with real live data( it suggest they have given to me an ea for live, they are too stupid), but the worst of the story is that cracked ea or not cracked one, i mean the original, they both kill the account !

    The more funny is ea boss, a real scammer, he answered me ironically, "give me you bank account number, i'll give you all my money"

    That's simple myself I've done some ea based on different indicators for myself, I must recognize it's difficult I have settings that works by period of 4 months, and have to check regularly in case i would lose the profits of the period....

    if I had good ea for business purpose, I would simply not ell ea, I would get more profit by managing accounts.... and some guys do that but they keep preciously the ea code out of commercial market, as it would be copied cracked, resold etc...

    I use a few ea that works, and these forex website with elite section are really worthless as they do the same way, forexpeacearmy is a mess, and their role is lost like ea makers are lost in making over people' backs, as the forward test are not live but only demo, and don't even work ! for resellers, as none of them is able to show their personal live account with investor password, (they find technical or confidentiality reasons)
    DEMO DATA backtest and forward demo are not sufficient (from far, depending on type of ea too)

    If I would be them, I would make a special account for that with not so much money, but shows that live works over time, I would change investor password every 48 hours and give it by email not to same person, just a time for the potential customer, to contact the broker just to check that it is live account( or guess by number), to download the statement that is certified because can not modify transactions), or either having a download statement live that we can after make certify by broker upon authorization of the guy, just confirming the results is enough...

    The reason is so simple, all bad guys in this sector... they only win money by reslling ea that will make you lose money, imagin you sell 500 copies, lying on the fact that copies are limited, and that prices increases rapidly... avaerage sales prices of 200€, you get 100k€ rapidly, more profitable !!! beware stop giging money to these people, they are fuckers...They do updates, when customers of the last period have lost, new comers don't see that previous mess every time, because teh new version now do what it SHOULD HAVE DONE !!!!

    For teh ea I use, if someone want to share valuable informations, I will from person to person, not giving on website where we don't know who read this, even sellers hunt for free codes, and then make a sauce to resell it.....
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Sharing experience, and stop being naive !